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Vollständig integrierbar in eine bestehende Infrastruktur.

Business Intelligence

AI-gestütztes Generieren von Information aus Ihren Business-Daten.

Mobile Nutzbarkeit

Integration mobiler Datenerfassungsgeräte und IoT.

Individual Digitization solution.

Implementation partner

With fabular you not only receive software that is perfectly adapted to the work processes of your business but also a digitization partner for long-term support & consulting.

Industry specific

Different industries have different requirements. fabular is adapted to the needs of the various communities and therefore offers the perfect basis for adapting the system specifically to your business processes!

Individual analysis

We analyze your business processes, simplify them and present them optimally in our software - for your perfect workflow.

Future proof

Due to continuous further development of our software based on the latest technologies, we guarantee a future proof software that is always up to date.

fabular Technology.

Web application

Our service-oriented web applications are developed with modern state-of-the-art frameworks.


Our service platform can be used either by providing it as an on-premises solution on your own server on-site or as an on-service in the fabular cloud.


fabular can be operated via all common modern browsers and on all devices. Or you can conveniently use the fabular desktop app for Windows and Mac OS.


Support from industry and application-specific fabular AI, based on the latest ML technologies and pre-trained AI models.

Mobile apps

Our modern mobile apps tailored to use cases are developed & optimized for both - iOS and Android devices.


Highly configurable user interfaces, process flows and interfaces on a low-code basis to optimally tailor the respective application to the individual requirements of your company.

CMS system

Due to the CMS system, a modular structure of the application and its user interfaces is proved.

Multiple locations

Given possibility to run your individual solution on several sites simultaneously using replication systems to ensure high availability and low latency.


External hardware can be integrated through direct control of peripheral devices such as scales, scanners and printers.

Your data fully under control.

Data storage

Your data is stored securely in modern RDBMS.


Individual evaluation options via the user interface or directly via SQL.

Data analysis

Preparation and aggregation of business data in the DWH system to analyze your data in depth.

Data versioning

Be able to track changes to your data.

Data synchronization

Given possibility to synchronize data between different systems - especially third-party software.

Your individual fabular cloud.


State-of-the-art hardware infrastructure operated in data centers in Vienna.


Due to redundant design of the most important hardware components.


24-hour monitoring of server utilization, including an alert system, so that we can react as quickly as possible to overloads or failures.

Up to date technology

Continuous renewal and improvement of your system to keep it up to date.


Low latency thanks to the connection of the main Internet node.


Prevention of data loss due to multiple backup system.